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Debut by North Carolina AOR band Salem gets re-issue

Another lost hard rock album brought to you by H&H Records

North Carolina’s SALEM first began to come together at the end of the 1970s when guitarist Trey Childress began seeking other local musicians to form a hard rock band. He would be introduced to bassist Tony Lawson and through mutual friends they had a meeting with drummer Mitch Hull and thus SALEM was now a trio.

The three continued playing with various singers up until the late 80's when Trey decided to move to LA. Trey returned to the east coast in late 1990 and the three picked up where they left off.

They would then find singer Duane George and the four began hashing out Van Halen, Living Colour, Bullet Boys, and other 80's cover songs before writing the original songs which later became the band’s self-released debut ‘Piece of Mind.

Heaven and Hell Records will be reissuing this lost hard rock album for a new audience and those who might have missed it back in the early 1990s. The new version will be re-titled ‘City Lights’ and audio will be fully re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studio NC. The CD packaged with booklet, photos, complete lyrics, and a new cover. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

We are sure that this album will appeal to fans of Van Halen, Tesla, Mr. BIG, and such melodic rock and AOR bands.

Tracks include:

Salem – City Lights

01. 3 Day Weekend 02. Bons 03. City Lights 04. Formaldahyde Dream 05. Get off Your Ass 06. King of the Mountain 07. Lay Me 08. Need to Believe 09. No Good 10. Nothing Comes Easy 11. Peace of Mind 12. Ride Me like the Wind 13. Somekind of Wonderful 14. What, Me Worry?

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