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HELLION 'You're Not Wanted Here' get first CD release.

In 1982 Washington DC speed metal band HELLION featuring guitarists Norman Lawson (Chained Lace, Overlord) & Joe Gillette, bassist Brian Roman, and drummer Stuart Rose (Pentagram, Deathrow would release a 10-song self-released cassette titled ‘You Aren’t Welcome Here’. The release would help to lay the foundation of the D.C/Maryland/Northern VA heavy metal scene. And in years to come would become a much sought after underground classic.

Now for the first time ever HELLION ‘Your Not Welcome Here’ will be released on CD for the first time ever packaged with booklet including photos, band history, and complete lyrics. The release will also include the 2011 ‘Death Masters’ 7”. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Tracks include:

01. Hellion 02. Can’t Close Your Eyes 03. You’re Not Welcome Here 04. The Way To Go 05. Morbid Fascination 06. Living In A Sewer 07. Lip Service 08. Monolith 09. Stop Living In Fear 10. Love Lust 11. Death Masters 12. Bloody Murder

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