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CRUELLA albums get re-issued this summer


NW Metalworx Music has partnered up with our friends at Heaven & Hell Records to help co-promote the reissue of CRUELLA's ‘Vengeance is Mine’ album on Vinyl/LP from Metalworx and H&H Records reissues of the CRUELLA albums ‘Vengeance is Mine’ and ‘Shock the World’ on Compact Disc.

“Jeremy Golden, Heaven & Hell label Records owner, approached us about the possibility of joining forces and helping each other get wider distribution worldwide for our labels - as well as working on re-mastered reissues of both classic CRUELLA albums originally released in the late 80s and early 90s. ” –James Beach

A little about the band: CRUELLA was formed by Roger DeCarlo in early 1986 after his previous band XINR folded in late '84 due to the deaths of two founding members. The original lineup featured DeCarlo on lead and rhythm guitar, co-songwriter, and bassist Kate "Fate" Wilson, Kirk Johnson on second guitar, Wes Johnson on drums and Rick Nolen on vocals. They recorded their first demo, ‘Power Metal’ that year and started playing shows. A while later Kirk went into the army and Wes had to move from Portland. Drummer Dave Hval came on board and it became a four piece. Wilson was soon fired after that and bassist Rob Conrad replaced her and the band was solidified. After many local gigs and another popular demo tape, Metal Revenge, the group landed a deal with US Metal records in Germany for their two album releases. Nolen left after ‘Vengeance is Mine’ was released and Ex-Iscariot singer Terry Kysor stepped in on vocals for a short while. Later Hval replaced him on vocals for the next album, ‘Shock the World’, in 1990 – with Conrad also handling some of the vocal chores.

The band broke up in mid-1990 initially but reformed the following year with DeCarlo, Conrad and Charlie Nelson on drums. The band broke up again in 1992 for good.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of this 1987/1988 debut album by the Portland, Oregon band. NW Metalworx Music will be reissuing ‘Vengeance is Mine’ in a limited to only 500 hand-numbered copies on high-quality orange & black vinyl with new jacket artwork, liner notes, lyrics and more. The first time the album has ever been released on vinyl in the US.

In addition, Heaven & Hell Records plan to reissue both CRUELLA – ‘Vengeance is Mine’ and the band’s 1990 follow-up ‘Shock the World’ on CD in a limited 500 pressing. Each album will be re-mastered and packaged with a special booklet including new jacket artwork, lyrics, liner notes, and photos.

“CRUELLA was one of the first bands I looked into for re-issuing all those years back when H&H first started doing reissues. I’m very excited to finally see this project happening. These two albums certainly deserve to be put back out for the metal fans, and time seems right for it to happen.” – J. Golden

“Since we were already doing a 30th Anniversary reissue of the first CRUELLA album on limited edition vinyl LP it made perfect sense to join together on the CD releases as well. NW Metalworx team member James R. Beach is working directly with CRUELLA guitarist Roger DeCarlo on the Heaven & Hell CD releases to provide the liner notes for the booklets, source material for the music, and the artwork.” –James Beach

CRUELLA recorded killer power metal with elements of thrash along the lines of Savatage, Metal Church, Sanctuary and others. These two albums are sure to satisfy any fan and collector of U.S. power metal from the golden age of the genre.

Both the LP and the CDs are scheduled for a late spring/early summer 2017 release and will available directly from both labels and at various stores and dealers worldwide.

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