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DAVID PAUL SEYMOUR commissioned to do CHAINED LACE cover

Minneapolis artist David Paul Seymour has recently been commissioned to create the cover artwork for the upcoming CHAINED LACE release.

David has done work for some of the biggest names in independent label Rock and Metal; notably Agnostic Front, The Sword, Red Fang, Graveyard, Earthless, Kadavar, Church of Misery, Lord Dying and Ides of Gemini. David has also been commissioned by numerous noteworthy companies for apparel design, craft beer packaging, event posters and skateboards.

We feel that David's classic doom/psychedelic styles will compliment this upcoming release of punkish, doom metal perfectly.

We hope to have something to reveal later this month.

To see more of David's work visit: or find him on Facebook


Watch for the CHAINED LACE to be available in the Spring of this year.

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