LADY KILLER - Lady Killer re-issued and first time ever on CD in 2017

Scheduled for release in Feb/early Spring; re-mastered and first time ever on CD LADY KILLER ‘Lady Killer’. Package will include full-color 12 page booklet with full lyrics, never before seen photos, and band history essay. In edition 5 bonus tracks that were planned to appear on the second album but were shelved for several years until now.

Tracks include:

01. Lightning Strikes Twice

02. You Got Me Runnin’

03. Outta My Way

04. Last Chance Tonight

05. Go Ahead And Laugh

06. Breaking Away

07. Another Shot In The Dark

08. Waste No Time

09. Lady Killer

10. Seducer *

11. Rock You Hard *

12. Turn iIt Up *

13. Bent Over Backwards *

14. In the Line of Fire

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