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The Reticent 'Eve of a Goodbye' Available for Pre-Order

"On The Eve Of A Goodbye" is an autobiographical concept album from The Reticent releasing on October 5th, 2016. All of the tracks serve to detail the day before, day of, and day after the suicide of The Reticent's mastermind Chris Hathcock's childhood friend, Eve. The songs chronicle his concern for her, her deterioration into self-hatred, and culminates with the tragic act and its aftermath. Not only a stylistic contrast to previous releases, this album is also intensely more personal than past Reticent albums (which were already emotional purges). The album is intended to be heard as a single entity rather than a collection of tracks.

The Reticent : "On The Eve Of A Goodbye"

01. 24 Hours Left

02. The Girl Broken

03. The Hypocrite

04. 19 Hours Left

05. The Comprehension

06. The Confrontation

07. The Apology

08. 10 Hours Left

09. The Mirror's Reply

10. The Postscript

11. 2 Hours Left

12. The Decision

13. Funeral For A Firefly

14. The Day After

15. For Eve

Includes five bonus tracks

"A breathless masterpiece" - The Gauntlet

" just might be the Beethoven's 5th of progressive metal." - Shutter 16 Magaazine

"If you have never heard of The Reticent I implore you to get On the Eve of Goodbye. It will be a tough album to listen to, but it will captivate you, move you, like no other album." - My Global Mind SELLS POINTS:

  • Special PRE-ORDER introductory price

  • Limited to 500

  • Includes five bonus tracks ONLY on CD version

  • Story liner notes

The Reticent : The Comprehension

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