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Pre-Order X-Calibur 'Warriors of the Night'

X-CALIBER : Warriors of the Night

  • First time ever officially on CD

  • Re-mastered from the best possible source available

  • 8-page booklet

  • Complete lyrics

  • Never before seen photos

  • Limited to 500

Notes; X-CALIBER formed in Irwin, Pennsylvania back in 1984. These five young heavy metal knights; James Yedlick (guitars), Kevin Donegan (vocals), Bruce Fleckenstein (bass), Jerry Conrad (guitar), and Donnie Lee Poland (drums)would set out upon a quest to realize their vision and rock and roll fantasy. Against all odds and disbelievers, they battled furiously and gallantly. The result of their trials would be the self-produced 'Warriors of the Night' LP released in 1986. Since the album's release three decades ago it has become the Holy Grail to many collectors and has been known to fetch hundreds of dollars. Now all these years later finally this gem will see a proper re-issue and first time ever on CD remastered from the best possible sources. CLICK HERE TO ORDER For fans of; Leatherwolf, Shok Paris, Heavy Pettin

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