May 25, 2010

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It’s here! A new Heaven and Hell Sampler is now available for download. Just click here to download 21 tracks from each of our artists, plus get a sneak peek at our upcoming releases.

  1. Dark Design- No Death
  2. Witches Mark- Cauldron Boron
  3. The Reticent- Enemy
  4. False Prophet- Holy Deception
  5. Eugenic Death- Medication Time
  6. Dogbane- Fire and Brimstone
  7. Overlorde S.R.- Keeper of the Flame
  8. Blacksmith- The Beast
  9. Ancient Creation- Apocalypse
  10. Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
  11. M-16- Shot Down
  12. Demontuary- Days of Infernal Insanity
  13. Hellrazor- Darker Days
  14. Ritual- Dark Star
  15. Praetorius- Pirates of the West
  16. Core Device- Trail the Vein
  17. Overlord- White Witch
  18. Twisted Tower Dire- A Dangerous Meeting
  19. Thunderstick- Afraid of the Dark
  20. Natu Sabverata- Godless State of Mind
  21. ESP- Take ’em Alive