Heaven and Hell finds Killer Khan

Heaven and Hell finds Killer Khan

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Towards the end of the 20th Century heavy metal in the U.S. seemed to be in a decline. Still there were countless bands across the country producing quality work. However due to the changing landscape by mainly the internet revolution; many of the bands of the 1990s would be lost despite all of their best [...]

Dogbane to play Ragnarokkr 2014

Dogbane to play Ragnarokkr 2014

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North Carolina’s traditional metallers Dogbane will be appearing at the fourth annual Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival in Chicago, IL taking place April 4-5, 2014. In late 2011 Heaven and Hell Records released the debut album ‘Residual Alcatraz’ by North Carolina’s Dogbane. The ten track album, including a cover of ‘Fire and Brimstone’ by rock legend [...]

Dogbane release video for ‘Ride the Serpent’

Watch it now! Dogbane- Ride the Serpent

Witches Mark ‘Witching Metal Ritual’ Now Available For Pre-Order

WITCHES MARK the self-professed “Bringers Of Heavy Metal Death” hailing from Austin, Texas have completed work on their “Witching Metal Ritual” full length, due to be released through Heaven and Hell Records on – – 2013 “Witching Metal Ritual” features eight tracks of uncompromising metal glory blending elements of thrash, speed, doom, black, and death [...]

Support Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse by Shopping at Sounds of Purgatory

Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival is gearing up for its fourth installment to be held next year in Chicago, IL. The festival as featured in the past some of the best true heavy metal bands in the world such as; Omen, Shok Paris, Helstar, Brocas Helm, Wizard, Virgin Steel, Blacksmith, and Oz among many others. 2014 [...]

Dark Design Joins Heaven and Hell Records

Technical power/thrash band Dark Design from Raleigh, North Carolina has recently joined up with Heaven and Hell Records for the release of their debut album ‘Prey for the Future’. Since early 2010 the band Dark Design comprised of members Ray Lewis (guitar), Mike Joyner (guitar), Andrew Bertrand (vocals), and rhythm section Matt (bass) and Robbie [...]

Heaven and Hell to Release False Prophet recordings

Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing all the North Carolina False Prophet material on CD early in 2013. As one of the next releases in the Lost Relics collection, finally this awesome thrash/death metal will see a proper release all remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios in Winston Salem. False Prophet came [...]

Heaven and Hell to release ESP ‘The Future is Now’

Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing Connecticut power metal band ESP ‘Future is Now’ in early 2013. This will be the first time that the album has ever official been released on CD. The release will include the full ‘The Future is Now’ album and bonus unreleased demo tracks of non-album songs all re-mastered [...]

Overlord Record Cover of ‘King Nothing’ for upcoming Metallica Tribute

Legendary cult Canadian metallers Overlord will be included in an upcoming Metallica tribute album titled,”Puppet Masters – A Millennium Tribute to Metallica – 1983-2013″ scheduled to be released on Versailles Records and is slated for later this year. The selected song “King Nothing” was recorded at Vyner Road Studio and engineered, mixed and produced by [...]

Stream Eugenic Death “Crimes Against Humanity” Free

EUGENIC DEATH Releases Crimes Against Humanity Today On Heaven and Hell Records Crimes Against Humanity, the debut full-length from North Carolina thrashers EUGENIC DEATH is out now on Heaven and Hell Records. The album, which features a guest appearance from ICED EARTH guitarist Troy Seele on the track “Epitaph,” delivers a blistering and intense brand [...]


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