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JERSEY DOGS 'Thrash Ranch' sees re-issue in 2018

We have been trying to land this one for some time now and we are happy to finally be able to announce that Heaven and Hell Records will be reissuing JERSEY DOGS ‘Thrash Ranch’.

Formed in Hoboken, New Jersey in the late 1980s by the member; Lou Ciarlo (bass/vocals), Michael Sabatini (drums), George Carmen (vocals) and Jon Ilaw (guitars). A foursome who would come about at the end of the golden age of thrash; which may have possibly contributed to their short life span.Although the band would manage to leave behind on EP titled ‘Don’t Worry, Get Even’ released on the now legendary Wild Rags label in 1989. The next year JERSEY DOGS full-length debut ‘Thrash Ranch’ would be released on ill-fated indie label Grudge Records. But unfortunately, the release only reached a modest audience at the time.

Twenty-seven years after its original release ‘Thrash Ranch’ will be dusted off, re-mastered and reissued for those thrash fans of yesteryear and those new ones. And like most H&H Records releases it will include a booklet with photos, complete lyrics. Also included will be bonus addition of the ‘Don’t Worry, Get Even’ EP. This CD release will be limited to 500 worldwide.

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