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• Debut EP (7-tracks total)

• Including one bonus demo track

• Including Angel Witch & Candlemass cover

• 6-panel foldout with lyrics

• Enhanced CD content including MP3 label sampler

• Limited to 51,000 worldwide



Formed in late 2005; the 6-piece of metal traditionalist Witches Mark consist of current and former members of underground cult metal favorites Reverend, Panzergod, Ancient Cross, Hammerwhore, and Of the Fallen. Witches Mark will take you back to those glorious days of Metal Massacres when heavy metal was pure and unadulterated.


Then again, there is no other band like them and that sometimes makes it difficult to describe exactly what Witches Mark is. They have been compared to an assortment of power metal to black metal bands and still, nothing nearly comes close. This band is certainly their own beast; a creation of several influences, tons of aggression, and plenty of beer. This is an untamed heavy metal like no other.



Exciter, Ignitor, Helstar, Omen and Hexx



01. Salem's Fire

02. Cauldron-Born

03. Ethereal

04. A Grim Apparition

05. A Grim Apparition (Demo)

06. Something Wrong (Angel Witch cover)

07. Solitude (Candlemass cover)

WITCHES MARK - A Grim Apparition HHR06

SKU: 711571000329
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