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• First time officially on CD
• Fully remastered
• 6-pane; foldout
• Complete lyrics
• Limited to 500 copies



WAXWING started to form in 1982 in Miami, Florida, when guitarist Snyder formed a 3-piece band with local musicians, drummer Steve Twitchell and bassist John Giillow. In the coming year Gil “Thrill” Fernandez was added as the lead vocalist. The quartet would be dubbed WAXWING.In 1984, a decision was made to move the bamd from South Florida to Washington State. Fernandez and Synder made the journey northwest. Both Twitchell and Giillow would remain in Miami. Once in Tacoma, the pair recruited a new rhythm section by bringing on board bassist Matt Muasau and drummer Joey Hammerschmith to finalize a new WAXWING lineup. It was clear there was potential for WAXWING in the Tacoma/Seattle area.However, Fernandez and Synder decided to return to Miami. This decision would put the band on pause.In 1987, Fernandez and Synder recorded a 4-track demo using a drum machine and Synder playing bass. The two then decided to return to Tacoma in the next year. There they would regroup with Muasau and drummer Hammerschmith to record the WAXWING ‘Appetizer” EP at Steve Lawson’s Studio in Seattle.The EP was well received and the band played the circuit through 1989. They had also managed to build a solid fanbase in the area. Unfortunately, in an overcrowded metal scene combined with changes in the musical climate on the horizon, few bands had a chance to survive. Inevitably, WAXWING would eventually call it a day. Snyder would once again return to Miami. The rest of the members would stay in Seattle.




01, Pictures of You

02. Alone in the Night

03. Riding Out

04. Wet Spot

WAXWING - Appetizer EP HHR160

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