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Accusser - Double Talk

Adrenaline Mob - We the People

Aftermath - Eyes of Tomorrow

Alice Cooper - Love It to Death

Amplifier - Mystoria

Anubian Lights - The Jackal and nine EP

Anvil - Strength of Steel

Apocalypse - Faithless

Apocalypse - Apocalypse

Ashbury - Something Funny Going On

Atomic Rooster - In hearing of Atomic Rooster

Attila - Rolling Thunder

Axtion - Look Out For the Night

Axtion - Look Out for the Night / Live

Bastardz - Jungle Outlaws

Beast - Stay Hard

Bishop Steel - Die to Live It!

Black Diamond - Faces

Brocas Helm - Into Battle

Burning Retina - The Frozen Lies

Cerebuus - Too Late to Pray

Chastain   - The Voice of the Cult

Chastain - The Voice of the Cult

Chastain - The 7th of Never

Chastain - We Bleed Metal

Chastain - For Those Who Dare

Clientele - Destination Unknown

Cloven Hoof - A Sultan's Ransom

Cloven Hoof - The Opening Ritual / Fighting Back

Cobra - Warriors of the Dead / Back from the Dead

Corrosion of Conformity - Technocracy

Crematory - Prey

Dark Star - s/t

Dark Starr - Dark Starr

Dominance - Resurrected

Emergency - Martial Law

Enforce - The Final Sgn

Eric Martin and Friends - Sucker for a Pretty Face

Evil Whiplash - Ritual of Punishment

Exciter - Unveiling the Wicked

Exisis - Exisis

Fear Cult - Floor Slammer RMX/Girls and Boys single

The Flower Kings - Back in the World of Adventures

The Flower Kings - Back in the World of Adventures

The Flower Kings - Space Revolver

The Flower Kings - Unfold the Future

Gary Hughes - Virtas

Gaskin - No Way Out

Gibraltar - I'm the one

Gibraltar - I'm the one

Godhead - Godhead

Grave Digger - Yesterday

Gravestone - Back to Attakk

Grinder - Dawn for the Living

Halloween - Victims of the Night

Hazzard - Hazzard

High Bridge - The Gift

High Power - Les Voilons de Satan


Ian Gillan band - Before the Turbulence

jackal - IV

Jackal - IV

Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction

Jameson Raid - Just as the Dust Has Settled

Julliet - s/t

Julliet - s/t

Keel  - The Right to Rock

Kick Axe - Rock the World

Kick Axe - IV

Kick Axe - Rock the World

Killer - Shock Waves

King's Ransom - Curation of the Realm

Krisium - Ageless Venomous

Laaz Rockit - Nothing Sacred (Japanese)

Labyrinth - 6 Days to Nowhere

Landslide - Say Hello to the Night

Landslide - Say Hello to the Night

Le Roux - Up

Leverage - Blind Fire

Leviticus - The Strongest Power

Lionheart - Hot Tonight (Japanese)

Longings Past - An Angel's Tale

Longings Past - Meadows of Maseilyn

Lunarium - Journeys, Fables, and Lore

Lunarium - Journeys, Fables, and Lore

Lust - The Membrane

Mandrake Project - A Miraculous Container

Maniac - Lookout

Maniac - s/t

Maniac - Maniac/Lookout

Marcus - s/t

Massacre - Back From Beyond

Mistreated - Premeiere Intervention

Monsterium - s/t

Munroe, Ronny - The Fire Within

Nightwish Decades - An Archive of Song (Greatest Hits)

Noisehunter - Spell of Noise

Octavia - Sperati

Omen - Eternal Black Dawn

Onslaught - Power From Hell

Osukaru - Triumphant

Pink Floyd - Animals

Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

Poltergeist - Nothing Lasts Forever

Poltergeist - Depression

Poodles, the - Tour De Force

Praying Mantis - Legacy

Preyer - s/t

Primordial - A Journey's End

Rage - Nice n' Dirty

Ranger - Skull Splitting Metal

Rapid Tears - Honestly/ Cry for Mercy

Realmbuiler - Blue Flame Cavalry

Rods, The - Hollywood / Heavier Than Thou

Salvacion - Going to Hell

Savage Grace - The Fall From Grace

Savage Grace - Master of Disguise/The Dominatress

Shiva - Firedance

Shooting Star - Burning

Shooting Star - Silent Scream

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Superstition

Solium Fatalis - Neuronic Saw

Sortilege - Metamorphose

Sortilege - s/t

Spiritual Beggars - Return to Zero

Steeltower - Night of the Dog

The Crown - Death is not Dead

The Flower Kings - Back in the World of Adventures

The Haunted - Exit Wounds

The Tangent II - The World that We Drive Through

Tuff Luck -  II

Tytan - Rough Justice

Unleashed - Across the Open Sea

Vain, Davy - In From Out of Nowhere

Valhalla - s/t

Vanexa - s/t

Vatican - Metalmorphosis

Vicious Rumors - s/t

Viking - Man of Straw

Voltz - Knights Fall

Wardance - Heaven is for Sale

Warhead - Speedway/The Day After

Wasted Youth - Black Daze

Wastefall - Fallen Scars and Rising Scars

Wild Dogs - Reign of Terror

Wild Dogs - Final Ed

Witchhammer - 1487

Zix - Tides of the Final War


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