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Accusser double talk
Adrenaline Mob We the People
Aftermath Eyes of Tomorrow
Alice Cooper love it to death
Amplifier Mystoria
anubian lights The Jackal and nine EP
Anvil Pound for Pound
apocalypse faithless
Apollo smile Apollo smile
Ashbury something funny going on
Astarte Sirens
Atomic rooster in hearing of atomic rooster
Axtion look out for the night
Axtion look out for the night / live
Bastardz jungle Outlaws
Bishop Steel Die to Live It!
black diamond faces
burning retina the Frozen lies
Cauldron In Ruin
Cerebuus Too Late to Pray
Chastain the voice of the cult
Chastain we bleed metal
Chastain for those who dare
clientele Destination Unknown
Cloven Hoof a Sultan's Ransom
Cloven Hoof the opening ritual / fighting back
Coven worship New Gods
crown, The death is not dead
D.R.I Thrash Zone
Damien Angel Juice
Dark Star s/t
Dark Starr Dark Starr
desolation angels while the flame still Burns
Dominance Resurrected
Dream Theater scenes from New York
emergency martial law
Enchant The Great Divide
enforce the final sign
evil Whiplash ritual of punishment
Exciter unveiling the wicked
exisis exisis
fear cult floor Slammer rmx / girls and boys single
Flower Kings Back in the World of Adventures
Flower Kings Back in the World of Adventures
Flower Kings Space Revolver
Flower Kings Unfold the Future
Gaskin No Way Out
Gaskin End of the World
Gibraltar I'm the one
Gibraltar I'm the one
Girlschool Hit and Run
Godhead At the Edge of The World
Grave Digger yesterday
Gravestone back to attakk
Greatest Day, The Take That (Present the Circus Live)
Gross Reality overthrow
Halloween victims of the night
haunted, The Exit Wounds
Hazzard Hazzard
High Bridge The Gift
High Power les voilons de satan
Hughes, Gary  Veritas
Ian Gillan band before the turbulence
jackal IV
Jackal  IV
Jag Panzer Ample Destruction
Jameson Raid Just as the Dust Has Settled
Jameson Raid Just as the Dust Has Settled
Kaledon Chapter IV: Twilight of the Gods
Kick Axe IV
Killen Killen
killer shock waves
King's Ransom Curation of the Realm
krisium ageless venomous
Kryst the Conqueror Deliver Us from Evil
Kryst the Conqueror Deliver Us from Evil
Laaz Rockit Nothing Sacred (Japanese)
Labyrinth 6 Days to Nowhere
Landslide Say Hello to the Night
Landslide Say Hello to the Night
Lazarus Sin Intracranial Mass
Le Mans On the Streets
Le Roux Up
Legend From the Fjords
Leverage Blind Fire
Lionheart Hot Tonight (Japanese)
Longing's Past An Angel's Tale
Longing's Past Meadows of Maseilyn
Loosely Tight Fightin' Society
Lord The Second Coming
Lunarium Journeys, Fables, and Lore
Lunarium Journeys, Fables, and Lore
Lust, The membrane
Malteze Cout Your Blessings
Mandrake Project A Miraculous Container
Maniac Lookout
Maniac s/t
Maniac s/t, lookout
Marcus s/t
Martin, Eric and Friends Sucker for a Pretty Face
Masters of Reality How high the Moon
Millenium Millenium
Mistreated Premeiere Intervention
Money, Eddie Playing for Keeps
Monsterium s/t
Munroe, Ronny The Fire Within
Narita s/t
Nightwish Decades: An Archive of Song (Greatest Hits)
Noisehunter Spell of Noise
Octavia Sperati
Omen Eternal Black Dawn
Orion the Hunter s/t
Orion the Hunter s/t
Osukaru Triumphant
Ozz No Prisoners
Pentagram Relentless
Pentagram Day of Reckoning
Pink Floyd Animals
Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd The Final Cut
Poltergeist Nothing Lasts Forever
Poltergeist Depression
Poodles, the Tour De Force
Praying Mantis Legacy
Primordial A Journeys End
Rage Nice n' Dirty
Rapid Tears Honestly/ Cry for Mercy
Raven Back to Ohio Blues
Raven Back to Ohio Blues
Raven Back to Ohio Blues
Realmbuiler Blue Flame Cavalry
REO Speedwagon Wheels are Turnin
Savage Grace The Fall From Grace
Shiva Firedance
Shooting Star Burning
Shooting Star Silent Scream
Siouxsie and the Banshees Superstition
Solitude Poisoned Population: The Complete Collection
Solium Fatalis Neuronic Saw
Spiritual Beggars Return to Zero
Steel Angel  Anthology
Stolnecker Seize the Day
Stone Fury Burns like a Star
Sream of Passion The Flame Within
Sun Red Sun s/t
Switchblade Sympony Serpentine Gallery
Symphony X The Odyssey
Tad Morose Reflections
Tangent, The ii: The World that We Drive Through
Tank Breath of the Pit
Thin Lizzy Fighting
Thought Chamber Psykerion
Tokyo Blade No Remorse
Tuff Luck  II
Tytan Rough Justice
Unleashed Across the Open Sea
Valhalla s/t
Vandenburg Alibi
Vanexa s/t
Vatican Metalmorphosis
Vengeance Vengeance
Vengeance Back from Flight 19
Vengeance Take It or Leave It
Vengeance We Have Ways to Make You Rock
Vicious Rumors s/t
Visitor Visitor
Wardance Heaven is for Sale
Wastefall Fallen Scars and Rising Scars
Wastefall Soulrain
Wild Dogs Reign of Terror
Wolf Edge of the World
X-Calibur Warriors of the Night
Y&T FaceMelter
Zix Tides of the Final War

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