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• The Curse of Twisted Tower Dire fully remastered
• New Cover Artwork by Martin Hanford
• ECD material includes never-before-seen band pictures, complete discography to date, and a video interview clip with the band
• The bonus disc will feature much sought after rare demos with Janet Rubin 


FOR FANS OF: Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites, & Iron Maiden 

Disc I:
01. Land of Illusions
02. Hail Dark Rider
03. The Curse of Twisted Tower
04. The Epic War Ends
05. Rue of the Forsaken Keeper (II)
06. Lament : Nocturne++++
07. The Walkyrie Death Squadrons
08. The Witch's Eyes
09. When All Is Said and Done (bonus)

Disc II Bonus disc:
01. Rue of the Forsaken Sleepkeeper ‘96
02. Mourner in the Nethermists ‘96
03. Mourner in the Nethermists ‘97
04. Beyond the Gate ‘97
05. Home of Darkness ‘97
06. Starflight Requiem ‘97
Plus; enhanced material for PC use

TWISTED TOWER DIRE - The Curse of Twisted Tower Dire HHR004

SKU: 711571000220
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