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•  Fourth full-length

• 8-page booklet

• Complete lyrics

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



The fourth and most emotionally complex album by The Reticent to date. Hathcock has dug deep within himself in order to share with the world a personal experience​ in what could possibly be his greatest opus.


FOR FANS OF: Opeth, Riverside, Steve Wilson and Neurosis



1. 24 Hours Left
2. The Girl Broken
3. The Hypocrite
4. 19 Hours Left
5. The Comprehension
6. The Confrontation
7. The Apology
8. 10 Hours Left
9. The Mirror’s Reply
10. The Postscript
11. 2 Hours Left
12. The Decision
13. Funeral For A Firefly
14. The Day After
15. For Eve

THE RETICENT - On the Eve of a Goodbye HHR035

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