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Texas Metal Outlaws is a studio project that bridges the gap between the old guard of Texas heavy metal and the new school of up and coming Lone Star state heavy hitters.


Featuring the stage scorching guitar tandem of Stuart Laurence and Robert Williams of Ignitor and an ensemble all-star cast of players from such legendary bands as S.A. Slayer, Watchtower, Militia (10), Helstar, Syrus (3), D.R.I., Las Cruces and Byfist to newer Texas-based up and coming cult favorites such as Witches Mark, Immortal Guardian and Force of Rage.

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Albert Berlanga, Brendan Bigelow, Don Van Stavern, Felix Griffin, James Rivera (2), Jason McMaster, Larry Barragan, Mark Zamarron, Michael Soliz, Pat Doyle, Stony Grantham, Stuart Laurence


FOR FANS OF: Helstar, Ignitor, Witches Mark, Manowar, Riot V and Judas Priest



Side A

01. Texas Metal Outlaws 3:39

02. Malt Liquor Maniac 3:42

03. Rebel Years 3:18

04. Black And Green 6:01

05 Running From The Law 4:27


Side B

01. Sound Of Scorn 6:35

02. Echoes Of A Memory 4:46

03. Within The Spell 5:03

04. That's What Friends Are For 4:36

TEXAS METAL OUTLAWS - S/T limited orange vinyl

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