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• Remixed with vocalist Elliot Medre

• 6-panel foldout

• Two bonus cover songs

• New artwork by Yannick Bouchard

• Complete lyrics

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


The fourth release from North Carolina traditional heavy metal young guns. Re-release of their second album with re-recorded vocals with new vocalist Elliot Madre.


FOR FANS OF: UFO, Saxon, Thin Lizzy, Riot, Iron Maiden, NWOBHM


01. Thou Shalt Rock
02. Let Us Prey
03. Faster than Hell
04. Epic Beer Run
05. Dog in Heat
06. Skullsplitter
07. Wretch Like Me

08. Swords & Tequilla
09. Push It to the Limit

SALVACION - Way More Unstoppable REDUX HHR031

SKU: 827166362328
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