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• Originally self-released in 2016
• Now reissued in jewelcase version

• Plus additional bonus track feat Hugo Valenti

(only available in CD version)
• 12-page booklet
• New artwprk
• Complete lyrics 
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



SURRENDER is a melodic rock/AOR powerhouse formed in 1995 in Long Island, New York, with members Paul Carley on vocals, guitarist Mark Mataban with rhythm action Pete Anastosidas on bass and drummer Scott Wade.

Carley's melodic, soulful vocals lead the charge as Mataban's stirring guitar melodies combined with Anastosidas' resonant bass lines and Wade's rhythmic backbeat to create solid melodic rock in the vein of DANGER DANGER, FIREHOUSE and other contemporary AOR giants of the genre.

SURRENDER's music is a fusion of raw emotion and melodic prowess, captivating audiences since its inception.
Over the years, SURRENDER has self-released four offerings, each marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. It all started with the 1995 debut EP "No Boundaries", followed by the full-length "Ship Without a Sail" in 1997, "Full Circle" in 2000 and "Resurrection" in 2016. Despite minimal distribution, the releases were discovered by dedicated fans of the genre and were well-received, a testament to the band's dedication and evolution.

With the re-release of their album "Resurrection" on Heaven and Hell Records, SURRENDER invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through their sonic landscape of well-crafted melodic songs. SURRENDER showcases their evolution and maturity as artists. From the anthemic "Always Where You Are" and "Jaded Heart", each track resonates with listeners profoundly. Songs such as "Somehow, Someday" and "Miss You Already" explore themes of love and longing, while "Where Do We Go From Here" and "Don't Walk Away" offer messages of resilience and hope. 


FOR FANS OF: Firehouse, Danger Danger, Tyketto and Journey



01. Always Where You Are

02. Jaded Heart

03. Somehow, Someday

04. Place We Call Home

05. Miss You Already

06. My Baby and Me

07. Another Rainy Day

08. Until You 

09/ Where Do We Go from Here

10. Don’t Walk Away

Bonus Track:

11. Me and the Moon


Shipping in June


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