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• Fully remixed & remastered

• 16-page booklet

• Complete lyrics

• Updated 'Visceral Life' poem by Buddo

• New cover art by Steve Cobb

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



Formed in Milwaukie, Wisconsin by guitarists Paul Laganowski, Takis Kinis and bassist Steve Post, ⅗ of technical power thrash metallers REALM, Along with Gemini drummer Brian Reidinger and LAST CRACK’s esoteric frontman Buddo.

The band would release a 3-song demo in 1994 and in 1996 they would self-release their debut “The Visceral Life”. The release would see limited distribution. This combined with the blurred lines and apprehensive acceptance between heavy metal, alternative rock or what was referred to as “alt-metal” lead to limited visibility for the release. The irony here was that in a decade that saw such a revolution of change on popular music and was so inclusive was often anything but that. As a truly progressive band, in many ways, WHITE FEAR CHAIN would never have the chance to find their audience and the band fell into obscurity, becoming one of the hidden gems of the 90s.

“WHITE FEAR CHAIN embodies a rare balancing act; marrying the power of metal, the grooves of bluesy hard rock, and the poetic, introspective lyricism of literature; illuminating those dark, quiet spaces found within us all, to forge a singular dialect, distinctly apart from the well-trodden lexicon of rock’s too often monosyllabic tomes embracing alcoholic excess, mindless carnal conquests, and “yet another party...” Set upon the unpredictable chord progressions, harmonic structures, and seamlessly shifting time signatures,”

An album that seemed ahead of its time yet was a product of its time is still fresh and relevant sounding today and is being reintroduced to a new audience. 


FOR FANS OF: Last Crack, King's X, The God Machine, Soundgarden & A Perfect Circle



01. Visceral Life

02. Daily into Darkness

03. Roaches in the Lamp Light Screaming

04. Before You Go

05. V

06. Shogun Mouth

07. Alive

08. El Caballero Diablo

09. Peppermint Twist

10. Slave Becomes King

11. Headstone

WHITE FEAR CHAIN - Visceral Life HHR12

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