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• First time officially on CD
• With 3-bonus tracks
(only available on CD version)
• Remastered from best possible sources
• 16-page booklet
• Newly updated artwork
• Complete lyrics & photos
• Band history essay
• Limited to 500 worldwide



TRACER first would begin to come together in 1985 when guitarist Kenny Carpenter bassist Todd Rosencrance would put together a cover band called ACES WILD adding drummer Rick Sanchez and vocalist Tony Dant. The addition of keyboardist Tom Prevost and second guitarist Rob Thompson would also be added to the band. Towards the end of 1985 ACES WILD was still performing mostly cover-tunes but beginning to merge away into writing their material.

Towards the end of the decade, Sanchez and Rosencrance would leave the band. Another rhythm section would be recruited but not last long, eventually, TRACER would bring in drummer Jim Raleigh and bassist Gary Ryan. Thompson would also depart from the band leaving Carpenter the only guitarist in the group.
TRACER was now a solid line-up consisting of guitarist Kenny Carpenter, vocalist Tony Dant, Keyboardist Ron Prevost, bassist Gary Ryan and drummer Jim Raleigh. Before any further line-up changes might occur, the band quickly went into LSP Studios in Annapolis Maryland to begin recording their debut album. Previously recorded tracks recorded at Wizard Works were also brought in to be reworked. That same year TRACER would release their DIY 11-track debut “Screamer in the Night”.
TRACER would immediately start playing shows in support of their new release, meanwhile writing and recording for the band’s follow-up began. Six new songs would be demoed but never completed and released.

The following year bassist Gary Ryan would leave the band, being briefly replaced. Tony Dant would also decide to leave the band. After the departure of Dant TRACER officially decided to not continue.

TRACER was a short-lived circuit band with a revolving door of members but they would manage to record some pretty catchy tunes and leave in their wake one full album. 


FOR FANS OF:Icon, Wyzdom and Deep Purple




01 – Screamer in the night

02 – Threat or a Promise

03 – Every time

04 – Dreamin Again

05 – Shadow of a doubt

06 – Light of the Morning

07 – Bed of Nails

08 – Who do you want

09 – Sweet Lucy

10 – Evil Heart

11 – Two Times Goodbye

Bonus tracks

12 - Playing with Fire

13 - Deep in the night

14 – Thunder on the Road

TRACER - Screamer in the Night CD HHR120

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