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• Fully digitally remastered

• Including bonus '93 demo 

• Full-color 16-page booklet

• Complete lyrics

• Never before seen photos

• Band interview with Martin Brandt

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



Although the best-known metal was from the 80s, in the 90s on Long Island New York, metal bands were prevalent. Among them was a local Long Island band called Steel Reign. 


Steel Reign was well known and their resume included opening for bands such as Testament, Type O Negative, Life of Agony, Dream Theater, Nuclear Assault and Overkill. They played venues including L’amour’s, Sundance, CBGB’s, Street Level and most often The Roxy Music Hall. 


The name Steel Reign is a symbol of power and resilience; Steel being the strongest of metals and Reign is to conquer. Steel Reign began with two founding members. Frank Harris (lead guitar) and Pat Foote (bassist). Both Levittown natives who attended the same high school and began playing together in 1984. Soon Frank recruited drummer Tommy Yanez from Hicksville. Frank’s friend had been dating Tom’s sister and was giving Tom drum lessons. Frank’s father would take Pat and Frank to Tom’s house to practice in the living room until one day a neighbor barged in the door and said “It sounds like you’re playing in my living room…turn that shit down”. Tom says that’s the moment he realized how good they actually were. Then they decided to turn Tom’s garage into a makeshift studio using only milk crates, plywood and a piece of carpet for the drum stage. The three of them stole plywood from a house down the street that was doing construction. As they were carrying it down the street a cop drove by. They used the plywood to hide behind and the cop kept on driving. This was the beginning of Steel Reign’s ritual of practising in the garage three days a week. 


The band now needed a rhythm guitarist as well as a singer. They met rhythm guitarist Rob Perez through a mutual friend. Perez’s stint along with three singers Matt, Lou and Chris was short-lived, due to the fact that as time went on, Steel Reign’s music was getting heavier and they couldn’t see themselves doing music that heavy. Before singer Chris Sheer left the band he had introduced Steel Reign to a rhythm guitarist from Garden City named Jaime Ehling. Jamie then joined the band in 1990. Next, the search for Steel Reign’s singer had begun. They put a local ad in Good Times Magazine and held tryouts. Oakdale native Rob Malvagno answered the ad and tried out for the spot. Rob was told although he was great the band still had other people to try out. This didn’t sit well with Rob as he knew right away he needed to be the singer of this band. They tried out other singers but ultimately in the end, the position was Rob’s. And so it began. There you had it. Steel Reign was perfectly positioned and was ready to begin their metal journey. Pat Foote (aka Footie), Frank Harris, Tommy Yanez, Jamie Ehling and Rob Malvagno. Nothing would be the same again.


FOR FANS OF: Testament, Overkill, Sacred Reich, Melliah Rafe and Metallica



01. Cease to Exist

02. Inevitable Death

03. Truth About Dying

04. Change to Insane

05. Deadly Hypnosis

06. Invisible Force

07. Into the Fog

08. Mortuary Delight

09. Circle in the Field

10. Death Con 5

11. Truth about Dying

12. Into the Fog

13. Death Con 5

STEEL REIGN - Change to Insane HHR093

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