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• For the first time on CD
• Remastered from only surviving sources
• 8-page booklet
• Complete lyrics & photos
• Limited edition of 500 worldwide



SINISTAR began to form in 1984 in upstate New York as a 3-piece under the moniker MANIA by high-school students Malcolm Lovegrove on guitar/vocals, bassist Norman Nilson. Lovegrove would meet Caglione through a mutual friend. This trio line-up would be brief due to Lovegrove moving to East Greenbush, NY in 1985 where he, along with Caglione, would recruit guitarist Chuck Wager and bassist Mark Goyette to form a new band dubbed SINISTAR.

SINISTAR began playing around with several cover songs by BLACK SABBATH, AC/DC, RATT, METALLICA and MOTLEY CRUE. Meanwhile, the band would be writing their material. In 1986 SINISTAR entered Divine Sound studios to record their first 6-song demo titled “Children of the Night”. Additional guitarist Mike Obrien would be brought into the line-up during this time. Divine Sound studios

The following year SINISTAR would return to Divine Sound studios to record the band's second 8-song demo “Blessed Be the Rock”. These sessions would see the return of Nilson on bass replacing Goyette.

SINISTAR would be very short-lived only lasting a few years during which they managed to play a few gigs and produce a handful of songs for a couple of demo releases before splitting up. Malcolm Mania Lovegrorve and Chris Caglione would go on to join Albany, New York power metal band BLACKSMITH.

SINISTAR’s juvenile innocence would add a certain charm to the DIY aesthetic of the band and the songs they would record. These recordings were thought to have been lost forever in a house fire that occurred back in the 1980s. In 2019 Lovegrove set out in search of what could be found concerning SINISTAR. After some effort searching, he would manage to obtain both demos and efforts to clean-up and restore began.


FOR FANS OF: Dokken, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Loudness & Motley Crue



01. Let It Out

02. Blessed Be the Rock

03. Angel

04. Heartbreaker

05. Wish I was Dead 

06. Addicted 

07. Dead of the Night 

08. Killers on the run



SINISTAR - Killers on the Run HHR117

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