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• Remastered & reissued
• First time on CD
• 8-page booklet
   with lyrics & photos
• New artwork by Steven Cobb
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



The state of Pennsylvania is known for producing some of the best hard rock and heavy metal bands to come from America. But for every band that would become a recognizable name, there were others left behind in obscurity only to wait to be discovered years later. Such is the case with SHAFT.


More information coming soon...


FOR FANS OF: Fates Warning, Heir Apparent, Oliver Magnum & Griffin



01. Bloody Mary

02. The First One (the willing)

03. Creeping Grey

04. Time for the Show

05. Walking Through the Night

06. Tunnel Vision


SHAFT - Tunnel Vision HHR114

SKU: 685747 056826
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