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• First official CD release
• Fully remastered
• All 9 original ‘Mortal Fear’ tracks
• Plus 2 additional bonus tracks
(Zombie Love / You Scare Me to Death)
   available ONLY on CD
• 12-page booklet
• Original cover artwork
• Complete lyrics & photos
• Limited to 500 worldwide



MORTICIA came to life in 1985. The band was conceived by founder keyboards/vocalist Jodie Tanaka and drummer/vocalist Matt Bachelor. The duo would set out to create dark, moody and romantic music combined with their sense of camp and tongue-in-cheek humour. The band would be the premier goth/deathrock band in the Twin Cities and be able to walk the realms of punk, alternative and heavy metal being, embraced by a variety of scenes. Sharing the stage with local heavy metal heroes such as Impaler and Slave Raider, opening for punk icons like Wendy O Williams or sharing bills with deathrock giants as Alien Sex Fiend and Sex Gang Children, MORTICIA proved they could hold their own in any arena.


The two would recruit bassist Chrystopher Winter to create a solid trio foundation that would last throughout most of the band’s existence. Along with the addition of guitarist Therese Rita Langevin, the first line-up of MORTICIA would record and self-released a 5-song EP containing covers of The Doors ‘Crystal Ship’ and Lou Reed’s ‘Walk on the Wildside’. The humble release would prove to be a small sample of what was yet to come. In 1986 MORTICIA would record a 2-song 7” single with the song ‘Zombie Love’ and ‘Scare Me to Death’.


In the wake of the departure of Langevin MORTICIA would recruit new guitarist Carmilla Casquette and the following year would release their full-length debut “Mortal Fear” with guest musicians Ross Willmert, , and Brian Bart from the melodic metal band DARE FORCE, providing additional guitar. Additional backing vocals provided by Betsy McComber. Recorded at Logic Studios in Minneapolis and produced by Bart, Tanaka, Batchelor and engineered by Bart. Released by Channel 83 Records on both vinyl and cassette, the 9-song album would come to life as a monster of deathrock that evoked the spirits of the genre’s heavyweights such as 45 Grave, Skeletal Family and Christian Death.


FOR FANS OF: 45 Grave, Skeletal Family, Super Heroines & Christian Death



01. Mortal Fear

02. Tell-Tale Heart

03. The Devil's Road

04. I'm Your Trash (Throw Me Away)

05. Darksider

06. Deadlier Than The Male

07. And Now The Screaming Starts

08. Christian Vices

09. Graverocker

Bonus Tracks

10. Zombie Love

11. You Scare Me to Death

MORTICIA - Mortal Fear HHR106

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