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• First time on CD
• Fully re-mastered
• With 4 unreleased bonus tracks
(only available on CD)
• 12-page booklet
• Including lyrics & photos
• Band history essay
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



MERE MORTALS' origins would begin as an enigmatic progressive hard rock band on the Upstate New York club circuit named LUFTWAFFE. While performing the band’s final show, band leader and main songwriter Robert Acquaviva decided to take the band in a new, more adult-oriented rock direction, focusing on keyboard-driven songs with catchy hooks and harmonies.

Keeping with the same line-up of guitarist Bob Francis Acquaviva, bassist Paul St. James, drummer Tony Stone and vocalist David Paul Slife, the band would change their name to MERE MORTALS.

MERE MORTALS would waste no time heading into the studio to begin laying down tracks. One of the first songs recorded would be a cover of the infamous Benny Mardones hit ‘Into The Night’. As the writing continued, the addition of keyboardist Vince Cavo into the band would increase the caliber of their material.

MERE MORTALS would record 14-tracks, only 10 of which would be used for their debut album ‘Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt’. Included would be the single ‘Laura’. Both ‘Laura’ and ‘Into the Night’ would receive much regional airplay that helped to create a buzz for the band.

Quickly taking advantage of the hype, MERE MORTALS return to the studio three months after the release to record their follow-up ‘Immortalized’ released in 1987. The album consisted of nine new songs that the band had already been performing live. As with the debut, the band would receive much praise and radio play regional as well as television spots. The band would play several opening spots for national touring acts such as Patti Smyth, Benny Mardones, Taylor Dane and others in support of the release. Within that same year, after a member's departure and some attempts to shift around members, MERE MORTALS would end up playing their last show as the band and ended as the following year began. 


FOR FAMS OF: Bon Jovi, The Babys, White Sister & Aldo Nova



01. With You Without You

02. Laura

03. Into The Night

04. I'll Be There

05. Once In A Lifetime

06. Hero

07. Love Is Real

08. Always Gonna Want You

09. Lost Inside Of You

10. Touched By The Sun


Bonus tracks:

11. Night Without Stars

12. Life Alone

13. The Gamble

14. Diamond Cuts Glass

MERE MORTALS - Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt HHR140

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