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• 11 rockin' demo tracks

• Remastered from best possible sources

• Material on CD for the first time

• 20-page booklet

• Complete lyrics & photos

• Band history essay

• Cover art by Steve Cobb

•Limited to 500 worldwide



LEGGESY consisted of four strongly molded individual personalities from Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose musical chemistry and high-octane autonomy erupted in attitude-drenched, positive rock-and-roll experience, that electrified audiences with its power rock original anthemic songs and visually stunning bombast of sweat and high energy.

The LEGGESY experience was an ultimate explosion of captivating and thorough entertainment, which received widespread recognition as one of New Mexico’s most powerful entities and voices in original metallic-edged Hard Rock.

As young teenagers, the assembly independently recorded, produced, and marketed an all original nine-song debut released on Halloween 1987 entitled, “LEGGESY,” which instantly sold out its initial 1,000-copy pressing. A second, larger pressing was printed only a couple of months later.

LEGGESY would also make many various personal and musical appearances on both indie and nationally syndicated radio stations, as well as making appearances on various TV shows. They have been feature-showcased and their videos would stay in heavy rotation on several music shows.

LEGGESY would also appear alongside BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and ALICE COOPER on the internationally released rock compilation “High-Intensity Discharge” with two tracks—“Lace By Name” and “Custom Made Lover”—released in November 1988. The track “Custom Made Lover” would receive a great amount of airplay on Z-Rock coast-to-coast radio, broadcast out of Dallas. The song was played three times a day on Z-Rock’s “Too New” show. A video of the song was filmed and produced with footage shot using KGGM Channel 13’s (CBS) helicopter of the band performing on the roof of the then Holiday Inn Pyramid building in Albuquerque, NM.

LEGGESY would have two more tracks appear on the compilation album, “Southwest Edge'' released on April 6, 1990.

FOR FANS OF: KISS, Fastway, Angel, Icon & Rough Cutt



01. Custom Made Lover

02. Lace By Name

03. Duchess Of The Dark

04. Time To Run

05. The Strength Within

06. Hang Your Prey

07. Action-Reaction

08. C U Soon

09. Everlasting Dream

10. Rock Steady

11. I’m Gonna Leave You

LEGGESY - Left Turn at Albuquerque CD HHR122

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