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• For the first time on CD
• All demo sessions
(13 tracks total)
• Including the official 1986 EP
• Tracks 11 & 12 only available on CD
• From the best available sources
• With a 20-page booklet
• Band history essay
• Complete lyrics & several photos
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



Formed in 1982 in Vancouver, Canada by a leather-clad quartet featuring bassist Steve Courchaine, guitarist Harry Degen, drummer Claude Erfon and vocalist Tod Anthony Larkin.

One of VanCity’s first heavy metal bands, KRADLE would have the talent, the look and the sound craved by an eagerly awaiting audience. And after a stroke of luck and a chance opportunity, the band would find themselves presented with possibilities that could have elevated KRADLE to the next level. But bad decisions, mismanagement and an untimely tragedy would inevitably seal KRADLE’s fate.

FOR FANS OF: W.A.S.P, Icon, Motley Crue, Odin & Dokken


01. Soul Stripper
02. Hunger for Love
03. Heavy Metal Victory
04. Livin' for the Thrill
05. Alone without You
06. Standing on the Edge
07. Hot to Rock
08. Lady of the Evening
09. Say No More
10. Visions of You
11. Loving You Bad
12. Love Hunter
13. Night Storm

KRADLE - Standing on the Edge (The Demos) HHR137

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