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• DC Strut - s/t 9-song release

• Plus 7-demo tracks

(available only on CD)

• Additional 3 live songs

   (available only on CD)

• All remastered

• 12-page booklet

• Complete lyrics & photos

• Artwork by Steve Cobb

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



DC STRUT was formed in 1989 in Syracuse, New York by guitarist ROY COSTON and vocalist Mary B.after the disbanding of their prior band ARDENT in 1987. The pair would recruit the rhythm section of bassist Rikk Masters and drummer Kevin Meacham.
DC STRUT would continue in the same female-fronted melodic hard rock direction, this time with perhaps even more intensity, with catch solid metallic riffing by Coston that would nicely compliment the powerful and gritty vocals of Mary B.


FOR FANS OF: Lita Ford, Smashed Gladys, Betsy & Faster Pussycat




01 Strut
02 Blvd East
03 Bitch In Pink
04 Bad Things Good
05 No Pussy Tonight
06 Leave Me Cold
07 Take Me Away
08 Shock City
09 Had Enough (Demo)
10 Shorty Blue (Demo)
11 Little Tattoo (Demo)
12 Nothing Personal (Demo)
13 Hangin Out With The Boys (Demo)
14 Still Thinking Of You (Demo)
15. Suffragette City (Demo)
16 Party Time (Live)
17 Bad Things Good (Live)
18 Little Tattoo (Live)

DC STRUT - DC Strut HHR131

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