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• 13-song complilation
• Last known studio recordings
• 12-page booklet
• Complete lyrics
• Comes with FREE 4-sing "ENCORE" EP CD
   (alternate versions of songs on "Finale")

    while supplies last
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



CHRISTILLOW was formed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1988 by members Michael James Christillow (Vocals), Kenne Mettler (Guitar), Jessy Marks (Bass), Rod Taken (Drums), and David Guistwhite (Keyboards). CHRISTILLOW would quickly generate a buzz as they began playing the circuit up and down the East Coast sharing bills with bands such as Loudness, Trixter, and a number of other touring bands of the time. CHRISTILLOW would prove to audiences that its brand of metallic melodic hard rock with hints of pomp had what it took to be a contender.

Several radio interviews, airplay and a lot of magazine coverage helped the band gain major-label attention despite the industry foreseeing a change coming.

CHRISTILLOW, like many other bands, stuck to their guns and would not alter their sound for a new audience. They would await that deal that would never come. By 1992 it looked like there was no room for hard rock in the new musical climate, so CHRISTILLOW called it a day.

In 2016 Heaven and Hell Records re-issued CHRISTILLOW’s 1988 self-titled and self-released debut under the new title “Standing in the Rain”. Still, the was some material that remained unreleased until now.

Unlike the first album, this 13-song assemblage contains various materials that spanned over an extended period of time in the early 90s with multiple studios and engineers utilized.

The compilation contains; three songs recorded at the request of a major record label; however, due to a change in the industry, the tracks were never released to the public, four songs that were originally written/recorded for the film industry and two songs consisting of a demo and an acoustic ballad that laid partially completed until now. In all, these songs represent the evolution of the band and deliver the sound that was CHRISTILLOW.

The release of this collection is truly the FINALE. 





01. Doorways
02. Fallen Angel
03. M.I. MIA
04. Shattered
05. Storming
06. The Game
07. Time After Time
08. Timerider - Outsider
09. Too Late


Ships in late August


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