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• First time on
• 11-track "Playin' to Win" album
• Plus 5 bonus live & demo tracks
(only available on CD version)
• All tracks remastered
• 12-page booklet
• Complete lyrics & photos
• New artwork by Steve Cobb
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide



APRIL FOOL was formed in early 1988 by drummer Walt "Wiggy" Kaye, who enlisted guitarist Chris Rocus, bassist Chris Mock and vocalist Dave Stradling. First order of business was a four song demo recorded at Dave Ivory's studio, Iris Sound. APRIL FOOL then hit the club circuit hard while the song "Bad Boy Willie" was receiving local Philadelphia airplay, resulting in the band's live concert following starting to grow.

By the fall of 1988 Mock decided to leave the band and was replaced by bassist Roberto Lombardi. At this point the band enjoyed interest from several major labels. During the negotiations in early 1989, Rocus would be replaced by guitarist George Smith. Three weeks after the lineup changes, APRIL FOOL was back out playing live to even bigger crowds up and down the east coast.

The single "Bad Boy Willie" was still on the radio as management companies began showing interest in the band. In the summer of 1989, work began on an 11-song recording at The Galaxy Studio with engineer Robert Leese and produced by Roberto Lombardi. The album was released in the fall of 1989, sold out, and a second pressing followed.

Opening shows for bands like HEAVEN, BRITNEY FOX, TT QUICK, BANG TANGO & HEAVEN’S EDGE, plus headlining their own shows at venues from New York to Baltimore, pushed sales even further. Videos for the singles "Cover Girls" & "Next Time Around" were produced. The band also appeared on New York City cable television with the two videos/singles gaining airplay on mainstream & indie radio.

When Dave Stradling decided to leave, the band hired vocalist Jay Regan. They immediately got right back out playing and began writing for the 2nd album, but the audience started to dwindle as the populist music climate was changing. This would lead to the departure of Lombardi, who wanted to front his own band, THE RAGE.

After Regan left the band in 1991, Stradling rejoined the band with Joe Bisbing joining on bass, but they played sporadically, until mid-1993 when Stradling once again left the group. Joe Bisbing would join Michael Kelly Smith in "RAZAMANAZ".

In mid-1994, the band again regrouped with a returning Lombardi joining Kaye, Smith and new vocalist Jerry Mihalcik. They played only one show before the band ended for good later that summer.

The classic APRIL FOOL lineup of Lombardi, Smith, Kaye and Stradling and the music they made continues to draw interest from fans. 


FOR FANS OF:Poison, Enuff Z' Nuff, Britney Fox




01. Cover Girls 

02. Playin’ to Win 

03. Take Away the Heartache

04. Bahama Mama 

05. Help Me Understand

06. Next Time Around

07. Steppin’ Out 

08. Borderline 

09. Sleepless Nights

10. Bad Boy Willie 

11. Can’t Stop Rockin’ 



12. Chain of Love (demo)

13. Hey Molly (demo)

14. Ain’t No Doubt (live)

15. The Goddess (live)

16. Rock Tonite (live)

APRIL FOOL - Playin to Win HHR161

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