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• First official reissue
• 13 melodic metal tracks
• Including 1991 HIGH VOLTAGE EP
(only available on CD Version)
• Plus 3 additional bonus tracks
(only available on CD Version)
• All fully remastered
• 20-page booklet
• New artwork by Steve Cobb
• Complete lyrics & photos
• Band history essay by John Karbowski



HIGH VOLTAGE - Written In Stone ftom the album "Written in Stone" soon to be reissued on Heaven and Hell Records.

The Steel City is well known as a city that has had their share of talented rock bands, but few were of the caliber and energy as the quartet made up of vocalist Josh Holmes, guitarist Nick Catanese, bassist Mike Mizia, drummer John (Karbo) Karbowski and keyboardist John Fuechslin- better known as HIGH VOLTAGE.

Formed in 1985, while the members were still in high school, HIGH VOLTAGE would mature and progress musically as the four musicians would themselves.

It would not take long for the band to hit the local club scene and seize many opportunities to open for national touring acts passing through the area. Supporting acts such as Bang Tango, Danger Danger, The Outlaws, Blue Murder, Leatherwolf and Kings X would put HIGH VOLTAGE in front of large audiences that would help to quickly gain the band a reputation for being one of Pittsburgh's premier hard rock bands. It would not take long for their fan base to begin to grow outward into other areas of Pennsylvania, into Ohio and parts of West Virginia.

HIGH VOLTAGE’s first self-released four-song demo of original material was released in 1989 and initiated an overwhelming response. Soon after it’s release, radio stations surrounding the Pittsburgh area picked up on the tunes and HIGH VOLTAGE saw its first air time. The band continued to ascend up the echelon of the rock world by winning the 1989 Edinboro Hotel Evergreen’s Battle of the Bands and appearing on the compilation disc “Get to the Point.” In 1990, HIGH VOLTAGE contracted Gourmet P.A. to run their sound production. Progress continued with the release of their second studio demo in 1991 that would also receive extended airplay and become a highlight of the local WDVE Homegrown show.

When founding HIGH VOLTAGE, lead guitarist Nikki Catanese wanted a group that would work hard and play hard. He found the type of performer he was looking for in vocalist Joshua Holmes. Adding a drummer and a bassist (who was replaced by Mike Mizia in 1988) the band set their standards of taking on a strenuous schedule and delivering excellence. In 1989, drummer John Karbo hooked up with the band and late 1990 brought the arrival of John Fuechlin, the final touch to the HIGH VOLTAGE sound. Fuechlin’s talent at the keys would expand the band’s playlist which consisted of a variety of music from melodic hard rock to the edges of power metal.

Whether on the circuit or in the studio HIGH VOLTAGE preserved the fierce competition and overloaded schedule, motivated by the one thing that has kept them going… the right attitude. 


FOR FANS OF:Lillian Axe, Shok Paris, Leatherwolf, Saint & Prophet




01. Troubled Eyes

02. King Soul

03. Written Stone

04. It's Raining

05. 7th Day

06. Fall From Grace

07. Fire Dancer

08. Hi Time

09. Night Alone

10. I'll Give You The World

11. Crossfire

12. Lightning in the Window

13. Faraway


HIGH VOLTAGE - Written in Stone CD HHR118

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