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• Fully digitally re-mastered

    from the original recordings

• First time ever on CD

• Includes 'Medieval Metal' demo

   plus bonus tracks

• New artwork TJ Designs

• 6-panel foldout

• Brief band history & photos

• Band history bio

• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


Formed in the late 1970s under the name Rhanen, they would change their name to Overlorde by 1980. By 1984 the band self-released the now infamous 'Medieval Meta' EP. The release caught the ear of Metal Blade Records owner Brian Slagel and lead to Overlorde being featured on the 1987 Metal Massacre compilation album. The band then recorded a three-song demo that was never released and by 1989 the band had faded into obscurity.


Several years later the band once again would begin to play and in March of 2011 'Medieval Metal Too' would be released (under the name Overlorde SR); a compilation of early Overlorde material including the cult classic "Medieval Metal' EP.


FOR FANS OF: Saxon, Heavy Load, Omen, Armored Saint & the NWOBHM


01. Full Speed Ahead
02. Keeper of the Flame
03. Enchantress of the Night
04. In the Year 2525
05. Knights of the Realm
06. So Be It
07. Trouble
08. Keeper of the Flame (Massacre version)

OVERLORDE SR - Medieval Metal Too HHR018

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