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• First time ever officially on CD
• Re-mastered from best possible sources
• Plus ‘Electric Thunder’ demo Produced by Eric Carr
• 12-page booklet with photos
• Including complete lyrics & essay
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


They live hard rock/heavy metal circuit crisscrossed America in the 1980s and South Carolina rockers NEW YORK would ride the current. The band would give it their all touring clubs relentless while hoping to catch that big break. But like many, many others at the time reaching for that same allusive record deal, NEW YORK not catch it and inevitably only become a mere footnote.


NEW YORK, however, did manage to self-release one EP titled "Carry the Torch" in 1984 that would go onto being sought out by collectors the world over. The band would also go on to cut tracks for what would be their first full-length album "Electric Thunder" planned to be released on Grand Slam Records.

Note about this collection:


When we began looking into this project we approached singer/guitarist Jimmy Hansen who was at first apprehensive about doing anything with the material; stating, “that was then, this is now, life has moved on” As discouraging as this was, Jimmy still said “I will send you what have and you can do what you want with it”. From there we began to work on getting this best material we could gather together for this project having little to no help.


What we received was a disc of including the 5-tracks from the ‘Carry the Torch’ EP lifted from vinyl and the ‘Electric Thunder’ sessions taken from the only known surviving tape of the sessions. Master tapes of both the EP and later sessions any longer exist lost to time. We then would track down several cassette versions of ‘Carry the Torch’ to be used as source material since it was the only option. As for the ‘Electric Thunder’ sessions (tracks 6-13); they had previously been restored by Hansen from a damaged bootlegged cassette found in the ruins of a burnt down house. Before obtaining this copy, Hensen himself did not even have the recordings.

What is collected here is probably the best presentation of the NEW YORK material that will ever be released, restored and re-mastered by the best possible means in the effort to keep the music preserved so that it doesn’t one day disappear?


FOR FANS OF: Quiet Riot, Ratt, Black & Blue, Dokken and KISS


01. Let It Roll
02. Teas'r
03. Nobody like You
04. Nite Flyer
05. Deathwish
06. Go, Let's Go
07. Brake 4 Fools
08. Shoot to Kill
09. Down on My Knees
10. Heart of Stone
11. Head over Heels
12. Give and Take
13. Don't Fall
14. Electric Thunder

NEW YORK - Carry the Torch HHR056

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