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One of North Carolina most brutal metal bands ever. Combining Sepultura and Celtic Frost grooves with Trouble-esque heaviness and the chaotic spirit of the almighty Slayer to create a soundtrack for pure destruction and violence.


FOR FANS OF: Sepultura, Slayer, Jungle Rot, Crowbar, Dying Fetus and Hatebreed


01. A Bastard's Birth
02. Eyes of God
03. Godless State of Mind
04. I Decay
05. Sineater
06. Burnt Church
07. Cut into the Bone
08. Denounce - Denounce
09. Breaking Point
10. Servant to None
11. Hindered
12. Bow
13. Pin Point Hate
14. Where there is a Will, there is A Way
15. Whimper of the Whipped Dog

NATU SABVERATA - Existing to Ensure Your Destruction HHR007

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