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• First ever reissue
• Fully remastered
• Includes 1995 demo
(only available on CD version)
• 16-page booklet
• Never before seen photos
• Complete lyrics
• New interview with the band Martin Brandt
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


Formed in Lakewood, Ohio in 1993 lead guitarist Joe Mitchell, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jon Pamblanco with rhythm section Eric Harmon on bass and drummer Tom Wiseman.

The band would waste no time getting to working on making MIDEVIL one of the best-known bands in Ohio through the 90s. In ‘95 the band would record a release a 4-song demo before seeing a lineup change with the departure of Wiseman and Harmon. Bassist Scott Vesely and drummer Eugene Plascak would be recruited to replace them from members.


In 1996 MIDEVIL would record and release their debut full-length album “Thee Almighty” The band’s reputation would then begin to grow rapidly in their local area and began to spread outwards. MIDEVIL would also support many of the national acts touring through Ohio such as Testament, The Misfits, Megadeth, King Diamond, and Dio. This one only helped the band’s exposure.

In 1997 MIDEVIL would release their second album “Expiration Day” and try to continue to keep the momentum up, which was certainly a feat for any metal act in the 1990s. By the end of the decade, the group would have released a 5-song EP entitled “Force to Believe” in May of 1999 before finally putting MIDEVIL to rest.


Over the next 18-years, these private press releases would become highly sought after by fans and collectors alike. In 2017 a small buzz began to be heard again on social media about MIDEVIL


FOR FANS OF: Sacred Reich, Testament, Meliah Rage and Metallica


01. The Sounds of Infinity II
02. My Sanity
03. Thee Almighty
04. Life's Casualties
05. Sign of the Times
06. Sinbound
07. Last Breath
08. The Sounds of Infinity
09. This World
10. Expiration Date
11 Hands Across the Void

MIDEVIL - Thee Almighty Limited Expanded Edition HHR082

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