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• First time ever on CD

• Includes 5 bonus tracks

   (available only on CD)

• Re-mastered

• 12-page booklet with updated cover

• Complete lyric & never before seen photos

• Band history essay

• Limited to only 500



The Briefing – by J. D'Imperio



Before there was a LADY KILLER, there was White Dragon.  

“Dragon”, as the band was locally known as a familiar sight on the NYC music scene in the late 70s and early 80s. The “circuit” as it was called it back then consisted of some of the most recognizable clubs in rock history:  Maxes Kansas City, CBGB’s, Great Gildersleeves etc. ...and hosted bands that would one day become household names: Talking Heads, Blondie, The Police and The Clash. But to us, the real alternative music of the day sounded more like The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The Sex Pistols and Dead Boys.  So it’s no coincidence that when Billboard Magazine reviewed the LADY KILLER record they said: “Lady Killer’s self-titled debut record is a raw and fast-paced experience which often crosses over to the punk realm”. We always thought of ourselves as a hard rock band but the influence of punk was certainly on that record. There was no escaping it.



By 1982 White Dragon had run its course and metal was just about to explode. 

Iron Maiden and Judas Priest had gone from playing three-thousand seat venues to twenty-thousand seat venues in a matter of months and record companies were looking for bands to sign. Luckily for us, the guys from Allegiance Records were at one of the first LADY KILLER shows and signed us on the spot. Right place right time indeed, so we ran with it. 



We were given 7-days……that was it; only 7-days to make a record. 

Because of time and budget constraints the decision was made to record the album “live” in the studio with very few overdubs. (Record for 4…mix for 3) That was the game plan and we stuck to it. To say the album is raw is an understatement, but it’s a time capsule.

And for better or worse, warts and all, it was distributed worldwide in 1983. 



We were under contract to deliver at least two albums with an option for as many as four, but we were seriously burned out. We postponed the record as long as we could, finally, we agreed to record some demos so the A&R guys could get an idea of what we were writing.  Along the way, however, we made some changes to the lineup.

“Did you hear Maiden’s new singer? Where do we find a guy that can sing like that”? (See: “Bonus Tracks”)

The record company loved the new lineup but thought we should tour for a few months and work out whatever kinks that there were inevitably going to be. 32-years later we’re happy to announce, we finally have.



Almost 33 years after its release the record is unbelievably still around. Someone is either selling it or buying it almost every day on Ebay, and the band is on a ton of metal sites from around the world run by die-hard fans of the genre. And now, because of Jeremy Golden and Heaven & Hell Records, it has yet another life more than three decades later. And just like that, everything old is new again.  


FOR FANS OF: Riot, Saxon, Twisted Sister and Y&T



01. Lightning strikes Twice

02. You got Me Runnin'

03. Outta My Way

04. Last Chance Tonight

05. Go ahead and Laugh

06. Breaking Away

07. Another Shot in the Dark

08. Waste no Time

09. Lady Killer


Bonus tracks? 

10. Seducer

11. Rock You Hard

12. Turn It Up

13. Bent Over Backwards

14. In The Line Of Fire

LADYKILLER - Ladykiller HHR045

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