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• Fully digitally re-mastered

• Including ‘Don’t Worry, Get Angry’ EP

• First time EP has ever been on CD

• Originally purposed artwork from 1989

• 12-page full-color booklet

• Never before seen photos

• Complete lyrics & and history essay

• Limited to 500 worldwide



Formed in Hoboken, New Jersey in the late 1980s by the member; Lou Ciarlo (bass/vocals), Michael Sabatini (drums), George Carmen (vocals) and Jon Ilaw (guitars). A foursome who would come about at the end of the golden age of thrash; which may have possibly contributed to their short life span.Although the band would manage to leave behind on EP titled ‘Don’t Worry, Get Even’ released on the now legendary Wild Rags label in 1989. The next year JERSEY DOGS full-length debut ‘Thrash Ranch’ would be released on ill-fated indie label Grudge Records. But unfortunately, the release only reached a modest audience at the time.

FOR FANS OF: Sacred Reich, D.R.I, Meliah Rage, & Nuclear Assault



01. Posse of Doom

02. Medicine Man

03. Why Is?

04. Blood from a Stone

05. Wasted World

06. Games

07. Greasy Funky Chicken

08. Last Breath

09. Another Pretty Day

JERSEY DOGS - Thrash Ranch HHR057

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