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• Debut album

• 6-panel foldout

• Complete lyrics

• Limited to 1,000 copies


"It's like a punch in the face" has been heard several times from many when talking about Eugenic Death. A band who is a truly natural product of old school thrash metal influence. It is no joke with this band, nor an attempt to jump on a trend, Eugenic Death is a relentless non-stop, Grade A thrash metal band. From start to finish this album will not give you a single moment to catch your breath. 
Formed in late 2010, Eugenic Death is a thrash metal band from 
Greensboro, North Carolina. Fanatical followers of old-school thrash metal, the members of Eugenic Death are on a metal mission to bring back the genre with even faster, harder, and sicker riffs and fills, while still maintaining the classic old-school sound and style.


FOR FANS OF: Onslaught, Demolition Hammer, Slayer, Testament, Iced Earth


01. Crimes Again Humanity 
02. Indictive Deity 
03. Medication Time 
04. The Devil Waits 
05. Plagued By Ignorance 
06. Epitaph
07. The Practice

EUGENIC DEATH - Crimes Against Humanity HHR021

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