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• Debut album

• Including Link Wray cover

• 6-panel foldout

• Complete lyrics

• Limited to 1,00Limited to 1,000 copies0 copies


This North Carolina five-piece emerges on the scene with a nice slab of traditional heavy metal flavored doomy goodness. Sighting Trouble and Pentagram as two of the band's main influences, these southern gentlemen certainly proudly wear it on their sleeves. With a solid rhythm section, dual guitars, and the Halford-esque vocals of Jeff Neal, Dogbane have put together one strong debut effort.


FOR FANS OF: Trouble, Pentagram, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, and early Judas Priest


01. Ride the Serpent
02. Devil and Daughter 
03. Banished 
04. Annihilator
05. God Forgive You 
06. Devil in the Dark 
07. Burning in the Light 
08. Residual Alcatraz
09. Fire and Brimstone 
10. How the Mighty Have Fallen

DOGBANE - Residual Alcatraz HHR017

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