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• Third full-length album 
• Cover artwork by Wayne Miller 
• Full-color 8-page booklet 
• Complete lyrics 
• Limited to 500 worldwide


After four years since DOGBANE’s last album “When Karma Comes Calling” the North Carolina traditional heavy metal band has finally completed work on their much anticipated third full-length album ‘Idylls of Woe’.

Since 2010 DOGBANE have continued to stay active in the North Carolina metal scene, releasing two albums of solid doom laced traditional heavy metal while building and maintaining a loyal following.


FOR FANS OF: Trouble, Manilla Road, Judas Priest, Riot & Argus


01. The One I Was Warned Of 
02. Devil's Tramping Ground 
03. Blood In The Snow 
04. Riddle Of Steel 
05. Land Of Shadows 
06. Now You Know 
07. Winter Of Man's Demise 
08. Sin Eater

DOGBANE - Idylls of Woe HHR078

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