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• Classic 80s DESTROYER material 
• Double CD set (DCD) 
• Disc I: 14 tracks recorded in the 1980s 
• Disc II: DESTROYER LIVE 1992 at Telford Inn PA.
• Full-color 20-page booklet with lyrics and photos 
• Limited to 300 copies worldwide




Sometime in the early 1980s, three hooligans from separate surrounding areas of Philadelphia would come together to create rock n’ roll mayhem. All of which would be done on their own and by their terms. Although their run would be short they would live up to their moniker that would later become an urban legend in and around the City of Brotherly Love. A band that had their fun with all the chaos, destruction, and ultra-violence they could cause.

Their name, simply DESTROYER…..

This collection of recordings follow the band's debut EP "Optimum D.S.I", these recordings have never been released until this compilation. 

Disc 2 is a live performance of the band.


FOR FANS OF: W.A.S.P, EZO, Nitro, and Seduce


01. Good Evening 
02. Midnight
03. Love You to Pieces
04. Thank You 
05. Last Night
06. Ass Crackers and Cheese
07. Hard and Wild
08. Dressed in Black
09. When You Go Away
10. Maelstrom
11. Eye of the Storm
12. Weirdo
13. Not What You Want



DESTROYER Live at Telford, MPA. 1992


01. . WZZO Intro

02. Love You to Pieces

03. Love's a Crime

04. Introduce Band

05. One Way Street

06. Stone Throw Away

07. September

08. When You Go Away

09. Tongue of the Flame

10. Steaming George Interview


DESTROYER - Monster with Six Arms and Three Heads HHR068

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