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- Limited edition of 500 
- Re-mastered 
- 8-page booklet 
- Never before seen photos 
- Band history essay 
- Complete lyrics 
- New artwork by Steve Cobb 
- Several bonus tracks



In the late 80s and early 1990s thrash metal was at an all-time high in the United States. A musical assault as if a response to all the fluffy hairballs out there rocking for the cock and masquerading as heavy metal. These bands of disenfranchised youth popped up all over the country bring with them speed, aggression, and a message…. DEATH TO POSERS!

North Carolina’s response to this metallic blitzkrieg was a foursome from Charlotte who went by the name of DENIAL.

Lead by vocalist/guitar Jeff Triece, along with guitarist Keith Earnhardt, and rhythm section John Lawton on bass, and drummer Kelly Rodgers. The band delivered a fine blend of crossover thrash metal akin to their peers such as Sacred Reich, D.R.I., and Evildead. Their political based lyrical themes were common in the sub-genre, however, helped to set them apart from other bands where they were from.
In 1990 DENIAL would release a self-released 6 song EP entitled ‘No Comment’. This release would lead to their signing to New Renaissance Records and the release of the ‘Antichrist President’ album the following year in 1991. But even though the Ed Repka cover was creative it failed to catch many people’s attention due to poor promotion and bad timing. This would send DENIAL on a descent into  underground cult status.


FOR FANS OF: Sacred Reich, D.R.I, Slayer, Exodus and Kewaroe


01. King of Darkness 
02. Insane Asylum 
03. Antichrist President 
04. Sentenced
05. Serpent's Bite
06. Reality of the Masses
07. Third World Nation
08. Mass Graves 
09. The Awakening

DENIAL - No Comment HHR034

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