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• 14 introspective prog/power songs

• Hidden bonus track

• 8-panel foldout

• Artwork by Travis Smith

• Complete lyrics

• ECD content

• Limited to 1,000



It took six years for New Jersey progressive metal band Core Device to deliver a follow up to their 2004 self-released debut. Once the band returned from a short Japanese tour in support of 'Our Fellowship Eternal' they went straight to work on the next output, the result 'What I've Become'

A new breed of progressive power metal with beautiful melodic arrangements and in your face aggression.


FOR FANS OF: Nevermore, Scar Symmetry, Communic, Depressive Age, Killswitch Engage



01. Intro

02. Premonition

03. Spiritual

04. I'm Not Sleeping

05. Revelations

06. Blackened Heart

07. Confront the Serpent

08. Trail the Vein

09. Sixth Sense

10. Wounded

11. Remembered

12. Human Holocaust

13. King of Broken Hopes

14. Why I Am

CORE DEVICE - What I've Become HHR014

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