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• First time ever on CD

• Re-mastered

• Including 8 bonus tracks

• Complete lyrics

• Band bio

• Limited to 500 copies



Formed in the early 1980s in the Maryland/ Washington D.C. area by doom scene veteran guitarist Norman Lawson, bassist Tim Carrubba, drummer Roger Sampson and vocalist Cheri Blade.


Often referred to as “doom metal” Chained Lace was something a little more than many of their local peers such as Pentagram or Saint Vitus were. Chain Lace’s approach would have a punkish approach mixed with melody and heaviness that would create deep hooks and catchy songs. The band’s earliest recordings giving off a proto-metal vibe would evolve into a hybrid of punky, new wave-ish, doom metal… or you could just say rock n roll.


Chained Lace would release a couple of demos around 1985 that in later years would be sought out by collectors of both doom metal and U.S. metal. A full-length album would also be recorded but never released…until now.

FOR FANS OF; Pentagram, Girlschool, Saint Vitus, dead Boys and Hel



01. Last Chance

02. Prophet of Doom

03. Black Widow

04. Morbid Fascination

05. No Recourse

06. Can't Close Your Eyes

07. Too Much, Too Soon

08. Dismembered

09. Reason to Live

10. Burnt Offering

11. Exterminence

12. You're Crying Now

13. Taking Me Down

14. Fortress

15. You Never Stop

16. Forever and a Day

CHAINED LACE - Morbid Fascination HHR041

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