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• 17 archived demo tracks from 84-88

• Never before released

• Tracks never heard outside of the band

• Remastered from best sources

• Full-color 12-page booklet

• Complete lyrics

• Limited to 500 worldwide



For several years H&H Records would bring up with members of the band the idea of properly reissuing the U.S. metal classic “Too Late to Pray”. However, nothing ever seemed to come of it. Sometime back in 2016, the label began to look back into the possibility of such a project with more seriousness than ever before. It seemed the timing was right for such an endeavour. We never expected that it would lead to other releases and a resurrected band.


When we began the project three years ago it was revealed to us that the band were sitting on several early unreleased recordings. These recordings span the years that CEREBUS were active from the early 1980s and into the early 1990s. Many of which had never been properly archived and several are still unlabelled and still have not yet been gone through.


These recordings demonstrated a hard-working band who knew their craft and created well-structured catch heavy metal and hard rock songs with very deep hooks. Each composition honoured the band’s influences of both NWOBHM and British classic rock.


Here is a collection of just some of the recordings chosen by the band for this release. Coming from various sources, all have been cleaned up as best as possible for this collective presentation. Audio quality varies throughout but it is important to bear in mind that these recordings are old demos and rehearsal tapes that were never intended for release. We know that fans will enjoy hearing these rare recordings.


FOR FANS OF: Grim Reaper, Riot, Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep and Saxon



01. Long Time Comin’ 1984

02. Gone Away 1984

03. She Burns 1985

04. Out In The Streets 1986

05. Never Look Back 1986

06. Losers and Winners 1987'/88

07. A Cry For Help 1987'/88

08. Dyin’ Inside 1987'/88

09. In The End 1987'/88

10. Reflections 1987'/88

11. Change For The Worse 1987'/88

12. Come Rock the Night 1984

13. No Secret 1985

14. We Stand Alone 1986

15. Don’t Go To Sleep 1986

16. American Dream 1986

17. Call to Arms 1988 instrumental

CEREBUS - From Beyond the Vault Door HHR079

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