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• BOIZE s/t EP back on CD after 26 years
• Including a collection of demo spanning from ‘89-’91
• All remastered from the best possible sources
• With a 20-page full-color booklet
• Including band history essay, complete lyrics, and photos
• New artwork by Steve Cobb
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


BOIZE (pronounced Boys) was a Canadian heavy metal and glam metal band based in Montreal, Quebec. However, like many other bands from Canada; BOIZE could not be summed up simply as they were often defined.


The band was formed in the spring of 1989 in Laval, Quebec when vocalist Perry Blainey responded to an advertisement placed in the Montreal Gazette newspaper by bassist and keyboardist Stéphane Fania and guitarist Robert Kourie.


At its height, BOIZE headlined festivals around Quebec and was booked months in advance to perform several nights in a row at local Montreal music venues. Its music, including singles ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Get a Life’, was a staple on music television channels and top rock radio stations in Montreal.


BOIZE's momentum ended prematurely in the summer of 1993 following a heavy rotation of vocalists. After the departure of original singer Perry Blainey in the fall of 1992, the remaining members would decide to change the band's name and with it the band's sound and direction.


FOR FANS OF: Helix,  Killer Dwarfs, Motley Crue


01. Get A Life
02. Rebel to Rules
03. In Two Deep
04. Tired of Liars
05. The Riot Inside the Rioting side
06. I'll Still Love You
07. The Bug
08. Uhh, Beauty
09. Out of Your Mind
10. I Need You
11. Boize Boys
12. Give Me Your Love
13. Can't You See
14. Every Time You Come Home

BOIZE - Boize CD HHR060

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