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• Unreleased second album

• Including Ramones cover

• 6-panel foldout

• Never before seen photos

• Band history bio

• ECD content

• Band documentary

• Limited to 1,000 copies


After 1989 Fire from Within release New York metallers Blacksmith began writing what would be their second full-length album. The new songs had made a great leap from the last release seeing the songwriting mature and getting more aggressive and heavier. The 10 track follow up was planned for release in 1990 on Tropical Records but in the chaos of the label coming to a close and friction in the band’s ranks Time Out of Mind was shelved. After Malcolm’s departure, the band took on a new direction and a new name. It seemed the album would be lost forever. Over the next two decades the lost Blacksmith album became somewhat of a mystery in the metal underground; did it really exist? At some point, the tracks did leak out through two German journalists that came over to America and interviewed guitarist David Smith. Still those tracks being passed around through file-sharing still seemed rare and difficult to come across. Finally, this great lost U.S. metal gem will be officially released for the first time ever by Heaven and Hell Records. The album is remastered by Jamie King from the best source available.


FOR FANS OF: Laaz Rockit, Powermad, Intruder, Heathen & Overkill


01. Time Out of Mind
02. Achilles Heel
03. Burn Down the World
04. Lost City
05. Powerhead
06. Pieces of Chuck
07. Wreckage
08. The Lesser Evil
09. Burn Out
10. Live/Die

BLACKSMITH - Time Out of Mind HHR020

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