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• Fully digitally re-mastered
• First time ever officially on CD
• Includes 6 bonus tracks
• Full-color 16-page booklet
• Brief band history & photos
• Complete lyrics
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide


ATTILA formed in New York in late 1983 by guitarist John DeLeon. The band would go through several personnel changes before forming the perfect power trio with drummer A.T Soldier and bassist/vocalist Vincent Paul Manfredi in the ranks by the summer of ’84.


The threesome would record and issue several demos throughout the following year. Their quick and widely spreading demos combined with extensive gigs and international press exposure gained the band a strong underground following. This would lead to ATTILA’s appearance on the New Renaissance Records 1985 compilation album ‘Speed Metal Hell’ and Mausoleum Records ‘Metal Over America’ that same year.


By this time interest was being expressed by several independent record labels. It was an energized performance by ATTILA in a battle of the bands' competition that clinched them a deal with the newly formed Shattered Records.


In 1986 ATTILA’s only full-length ‘Rolling Thunder’, produced by Carl Canedy (The Rods) was released. A 9-song, including a cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out’, a solid slab of grade A U.S. heavy metal that would go on to sell over 10,000 copies worldwide.


Mysteriously ATTILA would disappear and be lost in the ruins of the next decade to come. But with the dawning of the internet age and the quickly growing collector’s scene digging up long lost heavy metal gems ATTILA would be re-discovered and once again in demand.



Grim Reaper, Riot, Twisted Sister. W.A.S.P, Heavy Load & The Rods


01. Defcon 1
02. Thermonuclear Warrior
03. Rolling Thunder
04. School's Out
05. Wild
06. Tryst
07. March of Kings
08. Chains around Heaven
09. Turn Up the Power
10. Urban Commandos
11. Lucifer's Hammer
12. Interceptor
13. Urban Commandos (alt. version)

ATTILA - Rolling Thunder HHR062

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