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• Second full-length album
• 6-panel foldout with lyrics
• Enhanced content with MP3 label sampler
• Limited to 1,000 worldwide


Heavy metal in its purest form with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals are to push the limits of their ability and create great progressive old school power metal.


Ancient Creation return with the follow up to 2007 debut 'Evolution Bound'. For the past three years buzz about the band has ground throughout the metal underground worldwide while fans have eagerly awaited a new album.


Full of beautiful arrangements, technical guitar work and strong melodic vocals 'Moonlight Monument' is a sure step above any of the band's previous offerings. Produced & Mixed by Adam Lichtenauer (King Diamond, Solitude Aeturnus) this album is sure to appeal to fans of; Mercyful Fate, Helstar, Portrait, Leatherwolf, Obsession, Apocryphal.


 FOR FANS OF: Obsession, Helstar, Annihilator & Mercyful Fate 


01. Profane Destiny
02. Black Reflection
03. Apocalypse
04. With Anguish
05. Through Prophet's Eyes
06. Drifting to Fade
07. Stories in the Snow
08. At Dusk
09. Moonlight Monument

ANCIENT CREATION - Moonlight Monument HHR013

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